Skip's Advanced Angling Products
Our Exciting New Colors!
 We at Skip's Originals pioneered the concept of bi-visible
yellow/orange strike indicators 25 years ago.  It revolutionized
how we fished and thought about strike indicators.  Unfortunately,
the use of yellow/orange strike indicators is so common now on
our popular trout streams, that the fish have come to equate
these colors with being hooked.  That is certainly the case on our
home waters, the San Juan River in New Mexico.  Many times I
have witnessed a fish spooking from its feeding lane to dodge a
brightly colored strike indicator.  
 Still the pioneers, we have discovered that strike indicators don't
have to be bright and fluorescent to be highly visible to the
angler.  These are two different aspects of color.  It is possible to
eliminate the "bright" from colors and still leave the fluorescent
qualities which make these colors very visible to the angler.  So
when we redesigned the new TOSI and Jerk! Alert, we tried to
re-think this and come up with colors that work for the angler to
see in all water and light conditions, and work to not spook fish
that a fly (or as they likely see it, a hook) is coming.  

 Just on the theory that it is the brightness that spooks the fish,
we developed a range of exciting, heretofore never conceived
colors that possessed the fluorescence so the angler could still
easily see them, but do not possess the brightness we see so

 The proof was in the testing (oh, how we love to have to do
testing).  The new colors were all easily seen on the river, even
the new River Rock Camo and Gator Green!  The fish seemed to
approve since I didn't see a single fish move from the line of the
float.  So we have declared this an exciting new success that
anglers are going to love.  And if you still like white, try our new
Low-Light White, a fluorescent white that you will spot under any
and what they mean for the angler
The Future of Fly Fishing!