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"Fantastic product!  Thank you,"

Bought a Spinfly Line . . . loaned it to my B-in-law . . . he loved it so much
that I gave it to in need of ordering one for myself."
....S Cluff
Article about Spinfly Lines:
Attach the Spinfly LineTM to the casting line on any
spinning or baitcasting line.  The Spinfly Line
TM has
handy, permanent loops to tie to on each end or to
use for loop-to-loop connections.

  • Attach the tapered fly fishing leader that comes
    with it to the other end of the Spinfly LineTM.
          Then tie a fly on the end of the leader.

  • Cast it with a flip of the wrist just like any lure or
    spoon - overhand, sidearm or underhand.

  • Stop the foreword movement of the fly before it
    lands by touching the spool of the reel with
    your fore finger on your casting hand, and
    that's it!   

 The Spinfly Line will do the rest!

It will turn the fly over in a tidy, untangled, casting loop
that a fly angler usually spends years to perfect, and
will lay the fly out neatly at the end of the leader.
A Spinfly LineTM can be used to fish flies with
spinning gear for any kind of fish that will hit a

It can be used to present any fly, simply and
cleanly, or it can be used to learn all the
presentation techniques of advanced fly fishing,
including the most coveted of the sport -
dry fly

The Spinfly LineTM even provides some new
tricks unavailable to a traditional fly fishing
angler and creates no tangled mess like a
casting bubble invariably produces.

How do you know what fly to put on after you've rigged up your new Spinfly Line?  

That's no problem either.  Sure, you can spend a lifetime learning about aquatic insects and how to discern which
one the fish are currently eating.  Or you can simply order Skip's book,
TROUT FISHING, What Fly Should I Fish
Today.  It's a handy, streamside guide that makes fly selection easy.

What if an angler wants to use an extra long fly fishing rod with their Spinfly Line
TM?  A Spinfly LineTM will present a
dry fly lightly and accurately and makes it possible to dry the fly off between casts. A fly rod can be used just for
the improved action, or so water can be fished that is reserved exclusively for fly fishing equipment?  Simply
attach a spinning reel to a fly rod using

  • THE REEL THINGTM used with a Spinfly LineTM and a fly rod also provides the perfect solution for a
    backpacking angler who wants to be able to spin fish or fly fish.  No need to carry two rods.

  • THE REEL THINGTM can also be used by a spin fishing angler to equip a longer, more flexible rod than a
    spinning rod even when not using a Spinfly LineTM.

A Spinfly Line can also be used as a mini shooting head on traditional fly fishing gear for extra
long casts.

To see more information about learning to fish a fly with spinning gear the easy way, click on
this article.
 Details of How To Rig and Fish A Spinfly Line
  • Simple and very effective, no fly casting experience required!
  • Inexpensive!
  • Rigs with a standard tapered leader!
  • works on spin, baitcasting, or fly fishing equipment!
  • Little or no line control tecniques required!
  • Fish faster with longer drifts!
                               Most importantly,
                 you will catch more fish!  

Statech SpinflyTM Lines are so good they
  • won BEST OF SHOW at the world's largest sport fishing show
  • earned the North American Fisherman Seal of Approval
  • were featured on the Jerry McKinnis TV show, The Fishing
    Hole, 3/28/98
  • were featured in Outdoor Life Magazine
See it in action and learn more about all the fishing techniques it offers.
Took it out yesterday and just let it hang off the end of the 7 ft rod and tossed it 60ft,
no problem. I stopped it right before it hit the water and it just laid out perfect.
Just as advertised, Thanks,
John Harmel
Catch more fish with this dramatic, new fly
fishing concept!
A Spinfly LineTM will present a dry fly lightly and accurately and makes it possible to dry the fly off between casts.