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FLOATING:  This density floats on top of the water. Use with dry flies, wet
flies, deer hair flies, popping bugs, jigs, streamers and nymphing rigs when
the nymphing depth will be 6 feet or less. This is the most commonly used
line, except in specific instances noted under Neutral or Sinking lines.
NEUTRAL SUSPENDING:  This density rides just under the surface of the
water. For fishing suspended fish or fishing flies when a wake on top of the
water is undesirable.  Generally not for surface flies.
SINKING:  This density sinks about 4-6 inches per second.  Necessary for
fishing deep or to get down fast in moving water.  Not suitable for surface
flies or flies that need to be fished shallow.
NOTE:  The Spinfly Line does not serve as a bobber (or strike indicator)
any more than a floating fly fishing line does.  For best results, attach a
strike indicator for fishing beneath the surface of the water, unless using a
sinking line.
2.  The size of the fly to be fished is the next factor to consider.  Small flies can be fished on any Spinfly Line, but the larger the fly, the
larger the Spinfly Line that must be used.   (Note:  The smaller the fly, the larger the number designation of the fly.) See the
chart below for details.

3.  The distance of the cast is the last consideration.  See the chart below for details.  For added help, see "For Instance" below the

1/8 oz.
18" Long
Use on Average ultralight
with 1/8 oz., 4-6# test casting line
For dry flies, wet flies, popping bugs, micro-jigs &
small nymphs and small streamers:

Size 12 & smaller dry flies & wet flies
1/180 oz. & smaller micro jigs
Size 16 & smaller nymphs with small shot & indicator
Size 10 & smaller streamers & poppers
Average cast of 50-60 feet

Use for bream, trout,
and other small fish
1/4 oz.
23" Long
Use on Light Spinning
with 1/4 oz., 6-10# test casting line
For larger dry flies, wet flies, popping bugs, Wooly
Buggers, streamers and small clousers

Size 10 & smaller dry flies & wet flies
Size 1/28 oz. & smaller micro jigs
Size 10 & smaller nymphs w/ medium shot & indicator,
Size 6 & smaller streamers & poppers
Casts up to 70 feet

Use for trout, bass, and
light saltwater
3/8 oz.
23" Long
Use on Medium Spinning
with 3/8 oz., 10-12# test casting line
For almost any fly on hook size 1/0 or smaller

Size 2 to 6 streamers, poppers, Clousers & Charlies
Size 2 to 8 salmon/steelhead flies
Casts 75 to 100 feet

Use for stripers, blues, bonefish,
redfish, bass, trout, salmon, steelhead

1.  To fish for trout on a flowing stream that is fairly wide, an angler will need to be able to fish both dry flies on top of the water,
 wet flies just under the surface, and nymphs below the surface.  This is because trout constantly change what they are eating  
 depending on what the insects are doing in the stream.  This versatility will require a floating version of the Spinfly Line.
2. On a trout stream, most of the flies that will match the hatch will probably be size 10 or smaller (12, etc.).  Remember, smaller
flies can be fished on any of the Spinfly Lines, but bigger flies have to match the model suited for their size or they will
overpower the dynamics of the Spinfly Line.  The chart above shows that a 1/8 oz. would be too small, 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz.
 would be just right, and any line larger than that would work also if longer casts are needed for a bigger stream.
3.  Since the cast on this size strem may need to be up to 50 to 70 feet, the chart above shows the perfect choice would be a
1/4 oz. line.  If the angler thinks he might need to fish larger flies on this same trip or cast a bit further, he can go up one size to
the 3/8 oz. or carry one along on the back of his vest for a back up.
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SIZES:          1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., and 3/8 oz.  

Each line comes in a permanent storage tube that includes:
20 page booklet with instructions and fishing techniques
7 1/2 Foot tapered fly fishing leader
Jerk! Alert Strike Indicator
All you have to add is the rod, reel and fly!

PRICE:         $39.95

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Please note when ordering that there are still some of the    
older model Statech Spinfly Lines available in 30 grain, 200
grain, and 300 grain.  If you wish to purchase one of these,
you would be best to just notify me and I will check
availability and quote you a reduced price. Instead of using
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