Skip's Advanced Angling Products
TOOBIES-SHOTTM              Helpful Hints
The Future of Fly Fishing!
Advanced Weight System for Nymphing
  • Wet the shot first before inserting it into the tube.
  • Once the tube is on your line and you are ready to insert the shot into the tube, be
    sure to grasp the end of the tubing between thumb and forefinger so that the tubing
    is almost hidden between your fingers.  (Closer to the end of the tube than shown in
  • Make sure to push the end of the Toobie Tool straight into the tube - not at an angle.
  • Push the shot in as far as you want it to go, but don't re-insert the tool after removing
    it without another piece of shot on it as this can damage your line.  If the shot needs
    to be readjusted inside the tube, do it with your fingernails.  It's a good idea to allow
    room for more shot in case you decide you need it later.
  • Adding several of one size shot or using two or more different sizes of shot in the
    same piece of tubing can give a wide range of weight variability.

  • To determine which size tubing and how long a piece is needed, first see TUBING
       on the Prices and Ordering Page
  • A 1/2" piece will usually do the job.  For example:  #6 shot (which is the same size as
    #6 split shot) is used with Medium tubing.  Three pieces of #6 shot will fit in a 1/2"
    piece of tubing.  
  • The tubing can be longer than needed for one or two shot and will not affect its ability
    to stay put.  This makes it easy to insert another shot if needed.
  • Medium tubing can be used for all but the smallest (#14) and the largest (#2) shot.

  • Place a few of the size shot you need, or several sizes at once, on the magnetized
    "hot spot" on the side of the Toobie Tool.  Hang the tool on your vest and they'll be
    handy all day.  
  • The ball of shot from the kit can be tossed into a pocket in your vest, since it is held
    together with another magnet.  

  • Hold the Toobie Tool magnet at the end of the tube.  Slide one piece of shot at a time
    out of the tube using your thumbnail.  It will automatically be attracted to the magnet
    on the Toobie Tool and can be left there for future use.
  • If you no longer want to use any weight, simply slide the empty tube up your leader
    above the knot or loop that attaches the leader to the fly line for easy storage of the
    tube.  No need to remove your fly or the tube.



We have all experienced the difficulties with handling, installing, and fishing split-shot.  When that many small, loose items are
placed in a container with the hope of extracting just one or two for use, it is going to be difficult under the best of conditions,
down-right frustrating when hands and fingers are wet and cold.  Even if you have one of the new fangled shot dispensers, you're
still gonna' have to somehow hold onto the split shot until you can get it on your line.  And heaven forbid you drop the whole opened
container into the stream!  You all know the drill.

The best solution, of course, has always been to put a couple or three of these pieces of lead under your tongue.  Right?  Now I
know I don't need to describe how ill-advised this practice is, but it may pale to the fact that we then usually install them onto the line
by mashing them with our front teeth.  Ouch!  This sometimes takes many attempts to do since it has a nasty habit of becoming
mashed shut without engaging the line in the process.  And this sad saga goes on and on, because when we are through with the
split shot (if we didn't swallow them first), we throw them into the stream or onto the ground.  After all, they are no longer of any use
and are such tiny things, what can it hurt?

So your favorite duck or goose comes along, foraging for whatever it is they forage for and...chomp...  Down goes the shot and a few
days later the critter is a floater next to Goose Poop Island in the lower flats section of the San Juan River.  Yep, that's what makes
split shot illegal in many states, and it should be illegal in the rest of them.

Split shot installed onto a nice hunk of 5X will frequently, if not always, put a dink in the tippet.  If it didn't crimp it going on, it for sure
will crimp it coming off.  The stuff is hard to handle without dropping about 50% of it into the stream.  It will frequently slip when
installed, right down to the fly, and a fly with a piece of split-shot in its mouth just won't catch fish.  After it slips, it is virtually
impossible to get it to hold again with more tooth crunching.  So, an angler usually resorts to the forceps and finishes it off so it
looks like a small pancake on the line.  By then, it will usually slide up and down the line freely.  Or it will simply come off the line at
the most inappropriate time - or you may not notice that it came off which has probably caused you to spend your time wondering
why the fish aren't biting.

And what if you realize you got it in the wrong place on the line and your fly is floating at the wrong depth?  I can feel you shaking
your head already. That's right.  You get to wrestle if off the line which will most likely damage the line in the process, then repeat
the X#!! routine above.  Finally, you're all set and that big fish takes the nymph.  Whooee!!  Then snap... The damaged leader gives
way and the fish waves good-bye.

You get the idea.  There are just not many good things to say about split shot.  Is has been the only good choice up to now if you
want a little weight to get the fly down to the fish.  Now, there is something so much better...

No fumbling the shot - it's easy to handle
No shot stored in the mouth - shot stays on the magnet
No crimping shot with the teeth - it's easy to install on the line
No mashed shot to try to keep it in place - it stays where it's put
No crimped or damaged leader - ever
No re-installation when the shot needs to be moved - it can easily be moved up and down
even over knots in the leader
No missing shot off the line - it stays in the tube
No wrestling it off the line - it's easy to remove when you're done.
No lead shot in the stream to kill ducks - it has no lead in it

And it's Re-usable and sinks faster than split shot!
Sounds win-win to me!