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The San Juan River in Autumn

Wedgie on my vest doing what it does
best -
Secure my leader and hold my wet
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                      OK, we’ve all been here.  

The fly just isn’t working.  Time to change flies.  You pull in and clip
the fly off the tippet.  The wind is blowing and the leader flies while
you tuck the dud fly into a fly box and search out a new pattern.  Got
it!  OK, where is the leader?  Oh no, you weren’t using a
Ultimate Loop, so the fly line has pulled the leader back through the
guides and the whole line/leader is trailing off the reel in the current.  
Gotta thread the leader back through the guides.  What to do with
the new fly?  Put it back in the fly box or hold it between my lips?  
Hmmm . . . lips will do.  Rod rethreaded, oops, there goes the fly,
gotta get another one.  Now, what to do with the leader?  

This may not be your exact fumble, but I would bet each and every
one of you have a similar story.  I may be clumsier than most, but I
got really tired of this juggling act and created . . .

The line and leader WEDGIE, the Angler’s Third Hand!

Now you can bring in your leader, clip the fly and hook it onto the
WEDGIE attached to your bag or vest, while securing your leader
into the slit which keeps it in place while you are tying on a new fly.
It’s just that simple!  This is the handiest of all the tools on my vest.

Believe me, this is one time you want a WEDGIE!  Let the wind blow!

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