Skip Halterman
Skip's Originals is dedicated to
providing exciting, innovative,
tackle solutions for fly fishing
SKIP'S ORIGINALS offers unique, high
quality fly fishing products, including
Jerk! Alert and  TOSI Strike Indicators,
Toobies-Shot Advanced Weight System
for Nymphing, and
 Spinfly Fishing Lines,
for fly fishing with spinning gear.  It was
founded in 1990 by Skip Halterman as
an off-shoot of his White River School of
Fly Fishing in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  
He instructed his students on the banks
of the famous White River chain of
tailwaters and a tributary, The Little Red
RIver, which held the world record for
brown trout at 40 lbs. 4 oz. for over 10

Skip realized that as good as the sport of
fly fishing was, there were many
long-standing, fly fishing and tackle
problems and limitations.  He began to
use the knowledge he'd gained from his
life-long and extensive fishing
experience to develop better products.  
Years of tool use in his own machine
shop and his degree and career of many
years in pathology gave him the added
technical background in physics, math,
chemistry, biology and machinery
needed to engineer and produce them.
Customer Testimonials

"From Skip's Originals Fly
Fishing Products comes
Toobies-Shot and Turn-On
Strike Indicators.  May be old
news to some, but new to me
and I just love it when
someone reinvents the

"Why didn't somebody think
of this a long time ago?"
...Flyfishing and Tying
Journal, Summer 2004

"Fantastic product!  Thank
...M. Hilliard, 2011

"I have used your indicators
for about two years and love
them.   I've been hoping for a
bigger version for heavier rigs
and it looks like you've done it!
Thanks for the quick replies."
...W.B. Wood, 2011
Jade Halterman
Skip's Advanced Angling Products
About Us
Skip's first product, TURN-ON STRIKE INDICATORSTM, was a major renovation in
strike indicators that took the industry by storm in 1991.  They have been copied
but never equaled.  His next two products were the STATECH SPINFLY
LINE for fly fishing with spinning gear, and TOOBIES SHOT
TM, an advanced, lead
free, fishing weight system.

Skip originally founded his business under the name ANGLER'S ENGINEERING,
but eventually changed the name to SKIP'S ORIGINAL PRODUCTS, INC.,
shortened to SKIPS ORIGINALS for the web.  Several of his products have either
received Best of Show at the world's largest Sport Fishing Show, the North
American Fisherman Seal of Approval and/or have been featured on the Jerry
McKinnis TV program
The Fishing Hole.  His products have been show-cased in
Outdoor Life magazine, featured in Fly Fish America magazine, and favorably
written about in numerous other magazine articles and newspapers across the

In 2001, Skip moved his company to the banks of the world famous San Juan
River in northwest New Mexico.  His fishing expertise covers all aspects of fishing,
including fly fishing, spin fishing and bait fishing in both fresh and salt water.  His
inventions have expanded into the world of spin fishing.  He  designed the
patented drag system for the new spinning reel from US REEL and made major
contributions to its production and design.  That reel won the Olympic gold medal
for spin casting in 2008.  Skip's HUMMBAIT
TM Spinners have been sold through
Cabella's by Mack's Lure.

Skip's Original products are all
made entirely in the USA and
are distributed in various
countries around the world.

We're so sure of the quality
and effectiveness of our fly
fishing accessories, our motto
is simply, if you're not happy,
we're not happy.  We offer an
unlimited warranty on all the
products we sell.
Skip's wife, Jade, aides in many aspects of Skips
Originals.  She helps test Skip's new products
before they go on the market, tends to packaging
and shipping, and contributes to manufacturing
and package design.

For eleven years, Jade owned and operated her
own sign shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   
She designed signs and logos and produced
hand painted, sand-blasted, air brushed, carved
and gold-leafed signs, from the smallest size to
major billboards.  One of her signs won
honorable mention in a nationwide contest.

Skip's business expanded to require her  help in
1996.  She closed the sign shop and helped with
the White River School of Fly Fishing and guided
fishing with Skip on the Red River and other
rivers in Arkansas and Missouri.  Her fishing
experience also began at an early age, and she
is an avid angler and outdoorswoman.
505 632-0329
The Future of Fly Fishing!