Skip at the birthplace of Jerk! Alerts on the San Juan River, New Mexico.

Jade with a nice bow in the upper San Juan on a black and yellow micro jig
and Jerk! Alert strike indicator.  

Hammond Tract is the new harvest area on
the Lower San Juan.  Nice going Steve!

TOSI indicator and three #2 Toobies with clear tubing on
the Conejos River (Colorado).   Thanks for a great

Aaron Abeyta

Gerry Johnson below the Cable Hole on the San Juan River.
Caught on Gerry's Red Rascal
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Our Customer's Photos and Comments . . .
"Skip – You have finally done it! The Jerk! Alert rules! Last week I was able to put that indicator through a real
variety of conditions including Oklahoma wind. Both sizes stayed put on the line with no slippage even with
fluoro tippet, did not come/fly off even after many casts, floated great,  had no real troubles with casting and
tangling, and I really think the new colors are less spooky to the fish. Would definitely recommend as the first-
line go to indicator. I have tried so many indicators and thought you just had to accept their faults and
limitations. Thank you for your continued quest of perfection!"                                Jim N. in Tulsa
"I have been fly fishing for 30 years or so and nobody's
indicators come close, thanks again."                         Charlie D

Joshua Ross on the San Juan River in January 2016

"I would not have caught this fish without a Jerk! Alert.  It was in a foot deep
fast riffle.  The indicator stayed put all the way down at the 5x end of my leader."
Another great fish from the Conejos River by friend, Aaron Abeyta using
TOSI's and Toobies!
Thanks again for using our stuff and sharing this picture.  

A nice brookie by friend Brian Vandergrift of
Pennsylvania, a TOSI angler!